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V International Myron Starovetskyi Competition for young trumpeters
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general information about the contest of young trumpeters in honor of Myron Starovetskyi
International Competition for young trumpeters (the contest) conducted among students of musical educational institutions of Ukraine (II III IV levels of accreditation) and the European countries (Poland, Sweden Germany Bulgaria Belarus Moldova Russia and trumpeters among professionals under the age of 30 years.
Aims and objectives of the competition
The contest is held with a view to identify and support talented musicians, trumpeters, improve their technical and artistic skills, promote the achievements of Ukrainian and foreign composers, gaining the young musicians the experience of participation in competitions.Competition promotes international relations between musical institutions of Ukraine and countries of the world, enhancing the prestige of performing on wind instruments.
Program performance
Playing the competitive program by heart is a prerequisite.
The order of contestants will be determined by lot that happens on the day of arrival (see Terms of the competition)
To participate in the II round is allowed not more than half of the first round participants received no less than 8 points on 12-point system of evaluation.
As a result of the contest will determine the winners:
-The winner, I grade, I Prize (2500 UAH-mus. Academy)            (1200 UAH-mus. Colleges)
-The winner, II degree, II prize (1800 UAH-mus. Academy)        (800 UAH-mus. Colleges)
-The winner, III degree, III Prize (1500 UAH-mus. Academy)     (600 UAH-mus. Colleges)
The jury is entired to a redistribution of places and premium between the performers.
The announcement of the results of the contest winners and concert will be held at Nov. 10 at 12 noon.
Jury final and not subject to revision.
Organizing committee, as well as organizations, institutions have the right to establish special prizes and awards for contest participants.
The winners are obliged to act in the final free concert.
In the days of the contest will be held workshops leading teachers trumpeters England, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, the concerts of famous musicians from Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk.
On participation in the competition and the number of participants including teachers and accompanist,you have to announce to October the first,2010 according the address:
"Конкурс трубачей"
ул. Паращука 4
м, Тернополь 46008
Phone num. 8-097-23-88-652                       Manager of contest Bogdan Bogdanovich Ghegray
site was created using muz.colledge im.S.A.Krushelnytskoyi initiatives and director of competition Zhyghraj B.B

Opening site
Site closed.(contest was finished)
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